Charmed in Chelsea – Part One

Chelsea Hotel
222 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011-2393
(212) 243-3700

Bob Dylan wrote one of his classic songs there (“Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands“), his name sake, the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, died there, and, over its 100+ year history, a Who’s Who of literary, artistic, and musical icons have lived, created, visited, and made news there.

Welcome to New York’s Chelsea Hotel
Located at 222 W. 23rd Street, bet. 7th & 8th, the Chelsea has been hosting guests (famous, not yet famous, and never to be famous) since the 19th century.

Lobby, Chelsea Hotel

Currently home to about 100 residents, the hotel was recently sold and regrettably no longer accepts guests.  Evidently the hotel staff was let go, no new residents are are being accepted, and the Chelsea’s future is uncertain.

Lobby, with extensive artwork.

The new owner vows to keep the overall look unchanged, but the days of the visiting Bohemian, resident beatnik, and itinerant starving artist may be over. 

When in New York, even Toto stays at the Chelsea.


Hotel Chelsea:

Original photography by Byron Vaughan, ©2011
The Culinary Vanguard ©2011, all rights reserved.


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